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A collision of Fashion and Function

Furniture design is seeing a transformation with space constraints, environment regulations, functionality and aesthetics. New furniture designs are always in demand. Earlier the design forms were inspired from nature, be it flora and fauna, earthly elements or geometrical designs. There is nothing called perfection and the interest was more into abstract designs. Furniture design is not just about shapes, but texture, patterns and more. Design inspirations are taken from everyday occurrences. Furniture of India focuses on offering the right proportion, design element and artistic touch to every furniture that walks out of the unit. Thinking out of the box is the success of our design.

Innovation in the Furniture World

Modular Furniture

Moving away from conventional furniture design and embracing modernity is in vogue. Though, modular office furniture follow traditional construction materials, the modules are built in portions to be assembled on site. Modular furniture are chosen for its speed of construction and cost effective nature. We offer a combination of fresh designs with adaptability and best value for money.

Classroom Furniture

Capture all the attention of the student with the right classroom furniture. A comfortable writing desk and chair can go a long way in enhancing the posture of a child. Embracing an insight led approach can be inspiration for both the student and the educator. We are driven by passion to design smarter classroom furniture for an active learning environment.

Auto Body Parts

Give your cars a new lease of life with our auto parts. We manufacture genuine auto parts suitable for a host of brands and models. Our auto parts come with warranty giving you freedom from break down and downtime.

Dental Units

Optimize patient comfort with top grade dental units. We work in coordination with dentists to offer maximum comfort and access to high quality treatment through our dental units. We are here to construction a safe treatment environment.

Write about top 2 furniture designs

The awards for the best furniture design are given to ergonomic features and those instrumental in promoting a healthy working environment without compromising on the comfort factor. The awarded designs meet stringent government regulations and adhere to industry compliances.

Our furniture follows environment regulations and maintains policy of reuse, recycle and reduce.

The environmental programs help to stop landfills. The scrap materials are donated to be recycled into environment friendly products. Moreover it qualifies for Indoor Air Quality Certificate. The furniture is tested for chemical emissions and indoor air pollution. Research is being conducted to implement better ways to reduce landfills.

Certifications Received

Demonstrate Commitment with Furniture Testing

Our furniture meets industry standards and is compliant with the latest norms and regulations set by the government. At every step, we check for quality and safe putting our products through,

  • Performance Testing
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Flammability
  • Durability
  • Emission Testing for Harmful Chemicals
  • Quality Assurance Programs

We have global compliance knowledge enabling us to meet the demands of the market. We also conduct additional testing for upholstery to meet flammability terms. Our quality control team checks for defects at various checkpoints ranging from modeling to packaging. Adhering to quality standards gives us an edge over competition and enhances the value of our products in the market.

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